Part of my process – Bineural


Binaural beats, also known as bineural, is a sound therapy technique that utilizes the difference in frequency between two tones played in each ear simultaneously. This creates a third, imaginary tone called the binaural beat, which influences the brain’s state and can have a range of positive effects, including reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, and enhancing sleep quality. By mimicking the natural frequency differences between the brain’s hemispheres, bineural beats have the ability to synchronize and alter consciousness.

I use binaural as my “daily” medicine. Also to paint and try to motivate myself without music or anything. My goal is put outside what I create inside with less external “noise
“If we compare that some types of medications stimulate neurotransmitters for effects to occur, why not use frequencies to stimulate my internal sensors?”
Focus: Beta wave frequencies (14-30 Hz)
Relaxation: Alpha wave frequencies (8-13 Hz) are commonly associated with relaxation and stress reduction. Some sources also suggest that theta wave frequencies (4-7 Hz) can be useful for meditation and deep relaxation.
Sleep: Delta wave frequencies (0.5-3 Hz) are commonly associated with deep sleep and regeneration

Based on the text above, see why “I am not Basquiat”