“I Can Hear Me”
First Revolue solo show in Asia
Hong Kong | 2023

Streams Gallery

“I Can Hear Me”
First Revolue solo show in Asia
Hong Kong | 2023

Streams Gallery

Streams Gallery presents “I Can Hear Me” by Revolue: His First Solo Exhibition in Asia

Revolue’s Artistic Exploration:

Through a captivating showcase, Revolue embarks on a journey of experimentation and risk-taking in the realm of art. The exhibition features new works and sculptures that exemplify his unique blend of classical techniques and street art influences. Running from July 7th to July 23rd, this extraordinary exhibition invites visitors to engage with Revolue’s thought-provoking creations, fostering self-discovery and introspection.

Challenging Modern Life:

In bustling metropolitans, our lives revolve around secular desires, leaving little time for true self-connection. Despite material possessions and technological distractions, a crucial question arises: Are we genuinely happy? “I Can Hear Me” explores the intricate workings of modern life, urging visitors to confront inner chaos and anxieties.

Listening to Ourselves:

Revolue believes genuine self-listening is among humanity’s greatest challenges. External distractions impede self-discovery. The exhibition encourages visitors to engage in honest dialogue, questioning the pursuit of materialistic ideals for true fulfillment.

Capture human emotions and urban chaos. Blending classical aesthetics with street culture, his paintings evoke introspection and storytelling. They represent Revolue’s evolution as an artist over the past decades.

Revolue’s works delve into chaos, luxury, precariousness, love, and the pursuit of instant gratification. They offer fresh perspectives on modern living through animal and character depictions.

The Fusion of Styles:

“I Can Hear Me” showcases Revolue’s fusion of classical techniques and street art influences. His unique style captivates with its vibrant colors and intriguing juxtapositions, resonating with intense emotions.

Witness the artistic brilliance of Revolue in his first solo exhibition in Asia. Engage with his transformative works, reflect on societal changes, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Streams Gallery

G/F Mee Lun House,
2-4 Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong

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