New York City

Krause Gallery NYC

Curated By Jacob Johnson

Featuring Artists: John Paul Fauves, CB Hoyo, Revolue

Papi Chulo curated by Myartisreal is the first project for the artistic trio that features CB Hoyo, John Paul Fauves, and Revolue.

This project explores human connection and the idea that no matter where we come from we have an unseen connection. We all have a universal love for one another no matter our background. Hoyo himself was born in Cuba, while Fauves is from Costa Rica and Revolue from Brazil. Yet they each found a connection to one another through their artworks.

For this project, each artist took five canvas and created five works of art all connected by this same blue mask. Fauves in particular painted scenes from the movie “Psycho” By  Alfred Hitchcock, and in these scenes he connects the killer to the victim by painting them each with the same blue mask. Echoing the idea of human connection and the close relation between hate and love.

Hoyo connects different paintings from historical events. He does so by using the blue mask to show the connection, and the influence these works of art had on each other.

Revolue connects his own style of painting with the styles of Fauves and Hoyo by blending aspects of their works into his own.