To the subtle harmony of the universe. Gentle emotions that guide us to live what we must live. There’s so much distraction. So many notifications and too little ignition.

Minimalism liberates you from attachment. Not just material, but mental and spiritual accumulation. A freedom to be without the need. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the norm. Every day, the universe leaves its comfort zone to grow, evolve. To be who it is.

If we’re a part of it, what’s the point of staying still, dreaming of eternal rest which today is represented by doing nothing in the face of an illusory paradise.

I always take human behavior as the starting point for my creations. In recent years, more than looking outward, I’ve been focusing on looking within and trying to reach what they call the inner light. I realize that with the rapidly increasing amount of information, it’s time to break out of the autopilot of life.

How many times do we think of something and forget it the next second? Could this be a result of the thousands of reels we scroll through, where 99% are irrelevant, causing my brain to learn not to retain any information?


Do we really need to adapt to these new tools and do all professionals need to become influencers who speak to a cellphone camera all the time, showing off their breakfast and lunch more than their own gifts?

It’s time to use the new tools to our advantage first, to research and solve our doubts. Every technological tool, in my view, is welcome, but like everything, we must know how to use them.