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I consider myself a contemporary artist, I am always open to improving and using all my creativity in different media and platforms.

Digital creation is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember using computers. In 2004 my video game was photoshop and I remember trying to create different things without any high-tech tablets or gadgets.

Revolue Studio - London UK - 2009

The world has changed a lot and in my opinion more when it comes to technology than we as human beings.

The nfts came only to validate and further expand the horizons of those who break artistic barriers through digital means

Have you ever imagined Picasso, Basquiat or DaVinci were alive? How epic would be their creations?

I created my ANTIPOP magazine in 2015. The purpose was to break barriers between my creations and comfort zone, also to expose different concepts than portraits on canvas or works on paper. I wanted to mix the physical with the digital through scanned and digitally manipulated paper drawings. After a few editions I started to invite artists to create with me and even they in other countries, we made digital file exchanges and each one made their intervention without any type of rule or creative blocks.


The tenth edition comes in collaboration with Soda Factory and some of my NFTs.

QR codes, manipulated images, glitch and a bit of nonsense is what you can expect.

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