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revolue August 13, 2023 LESS WORDS, NO AUTOPILOT To the subtle harmony of the universe. Gentle emotions that guide us to live what we must live. There’s so much distraction.
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The Cynic

revolue February 26, 2023 The Cynic I want to share with you my personal journey towards minimalism and how it has impacted not only my lifestyle, but also my art.
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Part of my process – Bineural

revolue February 7, 2023 PART OF MY PROCESS | BINEURAL Binaural beats, also known as bineural, is a sound therapy technique that utilizes the difference in frequency between two tones
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I’m not Basquiat

revolue January 23, 2023 I’m not Basquiat In the world of art, there are many different styles and techniques to choose from. Two of the most popular and widely recognized
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revolue January 18, 2022 HERE NOW I consider myself a contemporary artist, I am always open to improving and using all my creativity in different media and platforms. Digital creation
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