Alongside prominent figures in the creative industry such as Beyonce, Tommy Hilfiger, Verdy, Vik Muniz, and many other talents.

The collaboration with Disney in 2023 was a momentous milestone in the artist’s career, driven by the opportunity to unleash their creative prowess on a globally recognized character while maintaining artistic freedom.

Responding to the curiosity of those who wondered why the artist had not explored character creations earlier, this collaboration became the perfect avenue to blend their distinctive Revolue style with the iconic Disney universe. While navigating the challenge of infusing clean lines and vibrant colors synonymous with Disney characters, the artist managed to weave their signature touch of incompleteness into the work, encapsulating the character’s journey through the streets of New York City.

This venture has illuminated the artist’s own creative path, prompting a reevaluation of both the creative process and pre-production aspects. For the artist, Disney represents a cherished childhood connection to the colorful and fantastical world of Mickey and Uncle Scrooge comics, where the seed of artistry was sown.

The collaborative process between Disney and the artist was a harmonious journey, resulting in a creation that left both parties delighted with the outcome.

“Dopey in NYC”

48.4 x 40.5 in | 123 x 103 cm

Acrylic, Pastels, Graffiti, Markers and Spray on Canvas

A Journey Through
New York City

In this collaboration, I embarked on a creative journey where the chosen Disney character found themselves in the bustling streets of New York City, a metropolis teeming with urban art, graffiti, and vibrant life. The fusion of Disney’s iconic traits with my penchant for the unfinished and the raw has resulted in a creation that I’m immensely proud to unveil.

“Disney has held a special place in my heart since my early days, where I immersed myself in the colorful adventures of Mickey and Uncle Scrooge comics. It’s where my fascination with art and imagination began.”

A Childhood Inspiration


To add even more authenticity and detail to the artwork, Revolue has created an augmented reality experience where it’s possible to appreciate the piece from a new angle, transforming it into a sculpture as well.



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