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“It is in the face that we see the expression of our personalities and experiences, as well as our true feelings. For my digital works, I always try to bring the feeling of painting on canvas.

I try to use all the tools available and explore them to create something unique. Digital might look simple but if you go deep into the creative process you get something different and unique for the audience.”

This is how Revolue  presents us his exclusive NFTS creations


"SȺfɇ ɃɇħȺvɨøɍ"

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500 x 500 px, GIF (63.9 MB)

This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.

You're purchasing the full non-commercial rights to this creation.

Safe Behavior is the first collaboration between Revolue and jrdsctt, originally created in 2017.

The first piece began as an exchange of imagery that resulted in this animation.

This opened the door to further collaboration, and an entire creation of a glitch zine comprised of jrdsctt edited REVOLUE pieces, and REVOLUE edited jrdsctt pieces

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